Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member of Giving for Life?   Top ↑
Enroll on line or call us at 1-877-BE-A-HERO (1-877-232-4376) and one of our team members will be happy to help you enroll. Once enrolled, you will automatically become a member of Giving for Life and begin earning points for your donations. Once enrolled in the program you are a member as long as there is no lapse in donations for a 24 month period with Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin.

How many points do I earn?   Top ↑
Once enrolled you earn 200 points for whole blood donations, 250 points for plasma donations, 300 points for platelet or combination type procedure donations and 500 points for double red donations.

What is apheresis?  Top ↑
An apheresis donation means that you provide one particular type of blood component, such as red blood cells, plasma or platelets. As your blood is drawn, the needed components are separated and collected, and the remaining blood is returned to your body. Donating a component is very much like donating blood. The primary difference is that during an apheresis donation, blood flows from a tube in your arm to a sterile chamber rather than immediately into a collection bag. The chamber "spins" your blood, separating the blood into various components. The component being collected (for example, red cells, platelets or plasma) then flows into a special bag. The remainder of your blood is returned to you via a sterile tube. Component procedures take a little longer than whole blood donation, but they are safe for you and are an additional way of providing blood components for our patients.

I recently discovered Giving for Life and the year is almost over.
Can I still join and receive my reward?
  Top ↑

Yes, you can join the program as your donations will count for the current program year, however, you will need to reach the Bronze level to receive a reward. Please call 1-877-BE-A-HERO (1-877-232-4376) if you have additional questions and one of our team members will be happy to confirm your donations and discuss the program.

How do I know how many points I've accumulated?   Top ↑
Log in with your Donor ID and password, Select Giving for Life at the top. Your available points will be listed at the bottom of the Donor Snapshot column at the left. Please call 1-877-BE-A-HERO (1-877-232-4376) if you have additional questions or if you do not have online access. One of our team members will be happy to share the number of points you have accumulated.

I have been a donor for years, what happened to my former points?   Top ↑
The points that reflect the number of times you have donated still exist and we will continue to acknowledge your contributions and milestone giving through that system.

How soon after I donate will my points be updated?   Top ↑
Points are updated within 48 hours of your donation.

May I transfer my points to someone else?  Top ↑
No, points are given to you as a thank you for your commitment to saving and enhancing patient lives; they are not transferrable.

Do my points ever expire?   Top ↑
Giving for Life points expire every year on December 31.

What do I do if I am missing points?   Top ↑
Call us at 1-877-BE-A-HERO (1-877-232-4376) and one of our team members will be happy to help you review your points.